Impressive SUMATRA

The world 5th biggest island is still quiet unknown island in Indonesia and it’s not the first island that comes to mind for visiting. Sumatra is rich in culture and nature and then the island is rich in exporting products (Oil, gas, rubber, tin, palm oil, tobacco, tea, coffee and timber) and located in a place that has had an impressive history.

Most tourists visiting the island are going to the well known Bohorok Rehabilitation centre for the Orangutan, which is a 2 ours drive from Medan and it’s a part of the Gunung Leuser National Park. It’s the only place in Sumatra you can be lucky to get close to this impressive mammal. In the National Park you will also find the Sumatran Rhino, gibbon monkeys, elephants, Sumatran Tiger and many other mammals, birds, butterflies and flora. It’s a paradise. If you have the time you can spend much time to explore.

Sumatra is also know for its many volcanoes and is known as the spine of Indonesia. The beautiful sight of the turquoise Toba Lake is the centre of the Batak Highland. Here you will find the six most important Batak-tribes that emigrated from the mountains in Myanmar and North Thailand for over 1500 years ago. Lake Toba is also the highest located in altitude (900m) in the world and the biggest crater lake in Southeast Asia. The depth of the lake is 450m.

The area south of Lake Toba is going through the mountain chain of winding road, but the area is green and lush. In the small village of Bonjol where you cross the equator is the beginning of the Minangkabau highland. Bukittinggi are the province capital of this area and is located in the greenery. The architecture of the roofs is very esthetic and world known.

Nick Tours offers different packages to explore the beauty of Sumatra and the best entrance to this area is from Malaysia. Singapore or Jakarta.

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