Unexplored BORNEO

Kalimantan is the Indonesian name for the last two third of Borneo. The last part of Borneo are divided into the East Malaysian provinces Sabah and Sarawak The Indonesian part is little known for the normal traveling tourist. Its infrastructure has not been developed in this area as most this area are mountain ranges and big rivers that runs into smaller rivers and its along these rivers that you get around. You can sail hundred of kilometers and most people are using the water ways to get around.

Along the coastline you have the big mangrove forests and in the rainforest you find all kind of beautiful timber. The flora and fauna are just as exotic as the massive evergreen. The largest flower “Rafflesia Arnoldi” is found here. In the rainforest you can be lucky to see the Orangutan and the Proboscis Monkey which are only found here and in Sumatra. Other special mammals are the tree leopard, ghost monkey with its enormous eyes and many other kinds.

On the southern part of Kalimantan you find the area of Banjarmasin and Pangkalanbun. It’s in these areas where you can visit the rehabilitation centre for the Orangutan. Camp Leakey is especially known after the actress Julia Roberts together with Animal Planet made an interesting feature of the Orangutan. You can only get there by river and very few tourists are going to these area.

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