Fascinating JAVA

This island is the most populated of the thousand of the Indonesian islands. Over half of the total population of 220 mill lives here. You will still be able to find spots on the island where there are hardly no one lives. The volcano range stretches from west to east and many of them are active all the time. One of the most scenic volcanic areas is Bromo, which are located in the middle of a huge crater and early in the morning hundreds of people are gathered to see the beautiful sunrise over this panoramic harsh area. In the horizon you can se the Merapi which shoot ashes to the sky every 30 minutes. In jeep most tours continue down in the big crater and for the adventures you can reach to the Bromo volcano on horseback. An amazing experience.

Java also offers som of the worlds largest monuments. In the central part of Java – around Yogyakarta – you will find the largest Buddhist monument – build in the period of 778-856 A.C It was 300 years before Angkor Wat (Cambodia) and 200 years before Notra Dame (Paris – France). The close by Merapi volcano covered Borobudur in ashes for the period of almost 1000 years. It was re-discovered around 1814 but it was first around 1900 that it started to be restored, but after a few earthquakes it was terrible damaged. In 1973 it became a project for UNESCO and was then re-opened in 1983.

Where Borobudur is east from the city of Yogyakarta you will west of the city find another impressive shrine area that was build after the Borobudur. It’s the Hindu temple of Prambanan build around 856 AC. It was used in the period of Majapahit Dynasty, but after they moved east, the temple slowly eroded. After they started to restore the temple in the beginning of 1900 it was as good as it gets in 1953.

In East Java you find another interesting area. Baluran National Park is the only African savannah in Indonesia. The typical acacias well know from Africa are also here. The fauna is big and it’s a very good place for ornithologists. You can combine your visit on East Java with a trip also to Ijen volcano which is one of two where you can experience the sulphur workers carry their heavy loads of sulphur that are used in the industry. On the South eastern tip you can explore the sea turtles breading area, where the turtles come up in the evening to leave their eggs in the sand.

Java is still an island that has not yet found the way for the tourist, but it holds amazing adventures, Have a look further on the different packages.

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