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Sulawesi is located northeast of the island of Bali. Before better known as Celebes and was previous the “door” to the Spice Islands. Sulawesi is primarily known for the two colorful ethnic groups – the adventurous Buginese and the highlands of Toraja. The island is covered with steep mountains, deep valleys, rivers, lakes, tropical rainforest, white sand beaches and an incredible flora and fauna, many of them only found in Sulawesi.

Nick Tours is focusing its program to the culture of Tana Toraja, which is located in the highlands. In collaboration with a local anthropologist Mr. Stanislaus Sandarupa, their mission is to get the unique history of this ethnic tribe written down. Until now it has only been orally told from generation to generation.

The culture is known for its special funeral ceremonies and after that their graveyards, where the coffins of the deceased are being placed in caves. Outside the caves you will see small balconies where the put the effigies – tau tau – side by side. These effigies symbolize the deceased and stand outside to protect the spirit. The ceremony for the funeral often last for up to 10 days and the highlight of all the ceremony is the slaughtering of the water buffaloes. Tana Toraja has so much to offer of historical history and the nature here is unique. It has to be experienced. It’s a culture that will get under you skin and stay there forever.

Nick Tours is the only agency that offers this unique cultural experience.

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