Exciting KOMODO

Komodo is just known by its name. National Geographic has made some unique programs from this are that is located east from Bali and nestled in between Sumbawa and Flores. A protected National Park where you will find the endangered species Komodo Dragon (varanus komodoensis).

It was previous a difficult area to go to, but now its easier to get close to these enormous reptiles. You can join an expedition over 3 days and 2 nights, combined with soft trekking on Komodo Island and the nearby Rinca Island. You will also be able to enjoy the marine life as there will be time for snorkeling in some crystal clear waters.

If you are a diver you will be amazed about the amount of different species of marine life and corals you can find. Look closer at the different possibilities of expedition to this area.

FLORES is a part of the Lesser Sunda Islands chain and is located East of Komodo. The island has been influenced by many foreigners. for centuries their harbor was a meeting place for ships doing business in import / export. The majority of the populations (90% of 1 mill people) are Catholics after the missionaries, but previous they were a mix of Hindus and Moslems.

The infra structure are better than previous years and more tourists are visiting these islands. On the western side of Flores is Labuhan Bajo. This is the best place to explore the islands of Komodo and Rinca. The capital – Maumere – is located in the centre of Flore and is less visited. One of the main attractions of Central Flores is Kelimutu and the 3-colores crater lakes. The lakes are just divided by small crests and the colors of the lakes are changing all the time. A unique experience is a 3days / 2 nights expedition to this area. Have a look further under Nick Tours in this area.

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