Untouched PAPUA

Papua (formerly known as Iran Jaya) has always been described as a place one should not visit incase of ending up in a big pot and boiled over fire and eaten!!!!!!!!!! Well time has changed also for this area.

The terrain covering half of New Guinea, the planet’ second-largest island, is a big diversity from Papua’s misty peak of Puncak Jaya (5.050m) – which features permanent snowfields and small glaciers – to the steamy island groups of Biak and Raja Ampat located close to equator.

Endemic wildlife gracing this vast expanse of jungle, mountain, swamp and sea incl. such weird and wonderful creatures as cassowaries, dugongs, birds of paradise, egg-laying echidnas and tree-dwelling monitor lizards. In the centre of Baliem Valley, where most of our tours are concentrated, we will have time to explore some of this wildlife as well as get close to some of the tribes that are so well known.

Though much of the region is covered by impenetrable jungle, most inhabitants (2.7 million) live in and around the coastal towns. Almost all visitors head to Baliem Valley, home to some of the most traditional cultures on erath, while others are drawn to the art of the Asmat region or the bird life and coral reefs of the northern coast and islands.

Traveling around in Papua is an experience and adventure at the same time. Now its also open for You to see.

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