Did you ever have a dream of walking on volcanoes? Now you have the chance.
Mt. Batur Hiking

1.717 m

Did you ever have a dream of walking on volcanoes? Now you have the chance. Indonesia is situated in one of the world’s most active volcanic areas. There should be around 120 active volcanoes and more to come. In Bali you will find many volcanoes. The most active in Bali for the moment is the 1.717 meter high Batur volcano.

Early morning you will be picked up at your hotel and drive in darkness to the centre of Bali. If the weather is good you will be able to see the orange light from the burning lava in the volcano. The trekking up takes 1½-2 hours and you will have to walk on the natural paths. You have to be in good shape and no knee problems.

After a bit hard trek up you will get the price.... If the weather is bright and clear you will see and experience the beautiful sunrise over Bali. And to look at the sunrise up high in the sky is incredible. You will be able to see the highest volcano Gunung Agung as a black silhouette against the sky. Also you will be able to see Mt. Rinjani, which is the highest volcano in Lombok. From the top you can also see the big Crater Lake way below you.

While you enjoy the fabulous view, you will be served a well deserved picnic breakfast and drink a hot coffee or tea.

After sunrise you will continue your trek on the volcano. There are in total 3 craters here, and you can still feel the heat from the ground and hear the noise from inside. An experience for life.

Before lunch you will be back to your hotel and think back to a night of true nature and wonder.

Bring along: Walking shooes / boots, long sleeved jumper for the early morning, sandals and spare clothes and of course camera.

Incl. A small backpack with water, torch light and your breakfast and ofcourse extreme sports insurance.

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