A fantastic experience....you will turn child again for a short time.... great for families with children.
Interaction with Dolphins

As something new into Bali, you have the chance to get a close encounter with the dolphin. In Bali you will be able to see them jump at sunrise either in the north or south of Bali. Finally its now also possible to be together with them in the water. Its a 2,5 - 3 hours trip, where you will have around 40 min with the dolphins in its "natural" surroundings.

In big natural build swimming pools (around 100m2 for to 2 dolphins) you will experience the dolphins having a great time. You will be going out to them in a small speedboat. At the end of each pool there is a plateau sunk down in the water. This is where you will be standing and having your wonderful encounter with them. ts possible to feed them, play with them, touch them, kiss them and its ofcourse also possible from the dolphins side for the same.

They are very clever and its a boost for your adrenalin. The conditions for the dolphins are very good here. They are taken very good care of and they have lots of playing time and training time. 4 of the total 10 dolphins are so well trained that they are let out in open ocean and swim around...and then coming back again.

Once a week they close the place to let the dolphins have a "day off". Its a good idea to book a few days in advance as its limited amount a people a day

It takes 20-30 minuttes to go there from Sanur, Kuta or Nusa Dua and the transportation are incl.

A fantastic experience....you will turn child again for a short time....great for families with children.

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