Kecak Dance at Uluwatu

½ day evening tour

In the afternoon you will be going to the southern part of Bali where you will view the temple of Ulu Watu – one of 9 Holy temples in Bali. At sunset you will experience a beautiful performance of the Kecak & Fire dance – one of many famous dances of Bali.

While the sun is setting a choir of men will start humming and make the music by voices and in the meantime the famous epic story of Ramayana will be performed. It’s a part of the story about Rama and Sita and their love for each other.

Afterwards you will be going to the famous strip along the Jimbaran Beach where everyone comes to enjoy the fresh seafood. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from and all are serving delicious seafood. All food has been BBQ over coconut shells. You will be served while seated on the beach as the restaurants have put out tables and chairs on the beach.

After dinner your driver will take you back to your hotel after a beautiful night.

A little hint is NOT to bring any bling-bling (necklaces, sunglasses, glasses, hat or other loose things) as there are lots of naughty monkeys. If you hide the things down in your back until you are safely seated at the arena for the dance performance.

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